An epic fantasy tale.
Journey along with Juxta and his companions as he faces unspeakable evil. Will Juxta be able to choose his own fate or will the elder gods win the ultimate victory?

An epic fantasy tale.
Luther is tied into the old gods, just as his father before him. He lives in his father Juxta's shadow, his own accomplishments ignored and unnoticed. To make his mark on the land, he must break free from the bonds, but how can he with Juxta lurking over him?

Codename: Bear
Razdorans want to claim Earth as their property, and under interstellar law, they can, if our governments fall into a state of anarchy. They use Centurian to fuel drug trades, assassinations, and human trafficking all across our world. If they can claim us as a territory, our youth will be shipped to factory planets, and mineral resources will be strip mined from our planet layer by layer.

The Chor'Tan are aliens friendly to mankind. They are close to us genetically. Their race is limited by the males of the species. A male Chor'Tan is no more intelligent than an Earth crocodile or alligator, and they want to cross breed with humanity to create a species with smart males.

An anti-crime agency is set up to fight Centurian's forces, and they recruit a young man they codename Bear. He works with a team of other agents, going on missions trying to put an end to Centurian's reign of terror.

Codename: Bear II (Secret Agent)
Bear is reactivated. Centurian pushes harder than ever to destabilize the world's governments. The action is non-stop as Bear re-recruits old teammates and finds new allies.

Chor'Tan claim Bear is their chosen one, but he isn't playing that game any more. He seeks out human beings to focus his love on.

Every time it seems like the Razdorans and Centurian can't sink any lower, they shatter old records.

Will Bear and his team's long-term solution bring down these enemies, destroy mankind, or lead to more problems with the Razdorans?

My epic military sci-fi.
A tale of war set in the near future after the development of interstellar travel and a boundless energy source. The tale is woven along three plot lines, a minor historical line that details the creation of the interstellar drive and travels along a path that leads to war. The second is the story of war told from a starship captain's point of view. Finally, the main is shown through the eyes of a ground pounder on the front line of the conflict.

A Prequel to my fantasy "W" series.
Set in 600 AD when witches are burned at the stake. Evelyn has high hopes for humanity, but humanity is not ready for her perspective. Derek is a wildcard for sure, but he loves Evelyn with all his heart and will kill to see her safe.

Book one of my fantasy "W" series.
A story of two magic slinging lawmen, Eriq Winter and Jericho. Jericho is a bit of a womanizing drinker, and Eriq on the other hand is a follower of the church. They don't see eye to eye on everything, but together they are an almost unstoppable team.

Book two of my fantasy "W" series.
Set in 2000 AD, and it brings together all the characters from the previous books, plus Ashley and Lucas, two powerful magic users caught in the middle of a huge battle.

Best Book Ever!
Evelyn's Book is a rewritten beginning to the Wither Chronicles, and you can truly tell the difference in style between the two beginnings. It's neat to see the evolution of Geoffrey's writing from the original Wither Chronicles to Evelyn's Book.

My zombie horror/comedy.
A good zombie slayer story where zombies are embarking on taking over, and in walks Porter-Wright. Enjoy a Pre-apocalyptic tale of the year. A not so serious zombie slayer story.

My vampire slayer horror/comedy.
Think Vampire Slayers, but the main character is surrounded by the three stooges. This story is the start of an apocalypse.

My Bi-Polar Life: Schizoaffective.
This is my memoir. I have struggled with bi-polar for many years, and it's put me in the hospital many times. This is my experience.


I started writing Thanksgiving Week of 2003. At some point I came to the conclusion spending some time in the trenches as an editor would improve my style and ability. Over the years, I've had a fair number of readers, and almost all of them enjoyed my book(s) thoroughly.

I've written seven novels and over thirty short stories. I like to think I'm a qualified writer since I have taken almost a dozen college level writing classes. Some people would consider me a published writer, while others define that as having a best seller, and I haven't done that yet.

Fifteen of my short pieces have been selected for publication, including four paying markets, and one print magazine 3x (Bards and Sages). I hope to write more books.

Markets that have published my stories:

Print Static Movement : The Slight Army

MicroHorror : Trolls And Rabbits   October
Abandoned Towers : Ultraviolent Rodentia

Sonar4 ezine - No Cigarettes

Bards and Sages Quarterly : Turtles and Rabbits, published in Volume II, Issue 1
Wilber and Samantha, published in Volume III, Issue 4

The Sinclair Clairon Review published my short story Boris The Cat in 2009.

Breath and Shadow : The Bracelet

Daily Science Fiction : Longevity, Inc., published via email on Oct 18th, 2010, and posted as an RSS feed on October 25th, 2010.

My story, Grandfather's Wisdom, was selected by Antioch University Midwest for public reading on November 4th, 2010 (as a peace prize entry). It was distributed in PDF format to the Antioch Voice mailing list subscribers.

The public reading was fun. The other writers all read poetry, mine was the only story. I had to score my coffee from a vending machine though, and it was actually pretty good coffee.
A longer version of Grandfather's Wisdom was published by Joyful! in Feb 2011.
More about my writing style and motivation.

Short Stories

Codename: Bear blog

I take my writing very seriously, but I hope my readers never do. I write comedies, action, horror, fantasy, and romance. Sometimes all of those at the same time :)

I studied English and Literature at Sinclair Community College for a while, taking usually one class per quarter.

Information Technology

The first piece of software I wrote professonally was a chemical weapons attack simulator for the United States Air Force. This was done I think in Windows 3.1 with Visual Basic 3.0, when that was all state of the art technology. I did it on a 386-16SX I believe. I first started writing code in 1983 with the intent to build computer wargames.

Now, I focus largely on Extranet technology. Extranet is just a mesh of Internet and Intranet technologies. It's kind of an outdated term.

I'm a technology oriented person with a creative bent. I've been using and programming computers since I received my first home pc at the age of 11 (a TRS-80 with a snazzy external cassette tape drive). I have used Basic, Pascal, C, Active Server Pages, ASP.NET, Cold Fusion, PERL, PHP, Java, Javascript, HTML, Sybase SQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and mySQL. I have done work ranging from document production and graphics to lead software developer on intensive e-commerce websites.

I'm interested in a position in Dayton, OH. I could see telecommuting to Cincinnati, OH or Columbus, OH. Frankly, it's the modern era, I should be able to communicate with a client exclusively over the internet and telephone. I have PHP, PERL, and mySQL here at home. I can demo stuff on, but I don't do hosting.

I would love to work on small projects for small businesses. Perhaps you have a website already built in PHP or PERL and for some reason, you don't have the technology any more to make changes, and you'd like some minor adjustments made to it. Perhaps you want something simple and custom. No project is too small.

I don't do visual design. It simply isn't a skill I have as you can likely tell from these pages. I have always gotten along great with graphics artists. I did graphics for many years in black and white, so I find I can relate to them well.

I can be contacted via email at