English Classes I've taken
'93 Sinclair Community College:
COM 211 Effective Speaking I
ENG 131 Bus Communication I

'06-'11 Sinclair Community College:
ENG 111 English Composition I
ENG 112 English Composition II
ENG 199 Text Editing 4x
ENG 256 Creative Writing-Fiction 3x
ENG 258 Advanced Fiction Writing 3x
ENG 259 Writing the Novel 3x
LIT 259 Horror Fiction 3x

A lot of people have asked why did I take the same class more than once. Well, for one thing, many of these classes were at the crack of dawn (12:30PM). So I missed a fair number of classes here and there. Two, I miss some classes even if they are at 7pm. Also, teachers in these types of classes will often cover different material in each class. Ed Davis is very focused on teaching what he thinks a particular class needs the most. He reads our stories, and he says, "These guys don't know how to do dialog, or narrative summary, or internal monologue..." And then he'll devote classes to those specific problems. Text editing. I hate that class. I have kind of a slow learning curve, and it took me a long time to truly get good at Text Editing, so I took the class 4x. It has proved invaluable in my writing. Likely the most important class I've taken.