I have a very difficult time with meetings scheduled in the AM, and sometimes my sleep patterns are so messed up that I don't get out of bed until five or six PM at night. I cannot be in a situation where I'm expected to be physically present at an office 9-5 M-F. I just can't do it.

I also find it very difficult to put in a full forty hour week regardless of when the hours are scheduled. Because of all the medicines I take, I often sleep 12 or more hours a day, so between a commute, showering, eating, I simply find a forty hour week to be too much to try and manage. My physical well being and psyche will deteriorate if I try and work that many hours in a week.

I'd like to find small projects that I can do on a consulting basis, but I'm prepared to consider full time employement in the Dayton, OH area. I work fast, and I can develop detailed information systems. I'm highly focused on building intuitive interfaces that perform as the end user would expect.

I'm almost exclusively self taught by reading books, but I must admit there are a few people I have learned from during my tenures at various technology firms. The short list is Bob McIntyre, Paul Scholz, David "Inky" Culbertson, and Craig Murray. In the modern area, I go to Google to find things out, versus opening a book.

I've been at the cutting edge of Microsoft technologies on a number of occasions, and I would like to be employed on that edge again. While at the same time, I have a certain love for open source languages and the unix operating environment as its beauty lies in its efficiency.

My focus is website development, but I've tackled stand alone applications when necessary. I want to get into Java development, especially for Android devices and Windows 8. I want to build an Android game, just to prove I can.

Untied Shoelaces of the Mind
I am editor in chief of this online magazine. I have two friends who are editors who help me sort through stories. I manage the slush pile myself. I am the first person typically who reads incoming stories. If a writer requests comments about a story, I almost always provide comments.
Sept 10, 2009-Present

Game Development
I have been building games since I had my first computer. I have developed games in Basic, C, PERL, and mySQL. I take pride in building errorless systems that are easy to play and have all the features I look for in a game. Legions of Tercia.
PERL, PHP, MySQL, Linux, HTML, Javascript, End User Support

TooHome, Inc.
I was solely responsible for coding a large scale ecommerce site. We were the largest home improvement products website at the time of my employment, and the site was built exclusively with my technology. Active Server Pages and mySQL were employed with a sophisticated dev/prod setup that allowed data entry personel to enter new products, preview them in dev, and selectively publish changes as they were finalized. I also developed a spreadsheet style interface directly to the mySQL database to facilitate rapid pricing updates. I also handled many administrative tasks on both IIS servers and Linux Servers.
Active Server Pages, MySQL, Visual Basic, HTML

MTCIBS (Modern Technology Corporation Internet Business Solutions)
I worked under Craig Murray at MTCIBS developing custom applications for a variety of customers, including NUCO and Henny Penny. We developed in PERL and to a lessor degree Cold Fusion and Sybase. It was a challenge because of my disability, but I can recall starting on day one, and Mr. Murray gave me a 500 page PERL book, and by the end of my first day, I went to him and asked for my first project. They assigned me to a bug hunt in an elaborate system that they hadn't been able to fix, and one by one I hunted bugs and smashed them. It was really the first time I worked with somebody elses code.
PERL, Cold Fusion, Sysbase, Unix Shells

flashCast communications corporation
This was my favorite coding job ever. I learned so much from my coworkers, and I developed the confidence in internet development that led to many future jobs and really established myself career wise. I was also part of a group that achieved Microsoft Site Builder Network Level 3, and there were only three employees. We were the smallest Site Builder Network Level 3 members around. I developed web engines with C++ and Active Server Pages utilizing Microsoft SQL Server. I also administered NT 4.0 Servers, IIS Servers, and Microsoft SQL Servers.
Windows NT, ISAPI DLL, HTML, Active Server Pages, Java, MS SQL Server 6.0&6.5

Columbus Roof and Truss
This was basically a construction job I worked to pay the bills. I built roof trusses. This was perhaps my favorite job ever. We survived by hiring temporary workers on largely a daily basis, so I had to train and put to work a new crew almost every night. This is the only personnel management experience I have.
Hammer, Tape Measure, Pencil, Team Leader

Simulation Technologies, Inc.
I worked for this company for almost six years, and I wore many different hats. Some days, I would work on documents formatting them and preparing them for printing. Other days, I would be drawing charts and graphics on Macintosh's, often piecing together architectures by using clip art from other sources. I also handled setup of macintosh computers and pc's. I setup our macintosh network, and handled hardware upgrades for a small office. I also developed my first software professionally. I recall one project: North Korea was rattling their sabers, and I was put to task setting up a chemical weapons simulator to calculate how many sensors we needed for our air bases. The deadline was tight, and I did the job. I developed it in VB 3.0, and I provided a graphical display so we could not only proof our results mathematically but also visually.
Macintosh, PC Setup and Upgrading, Networking, MS Office, MS Visual Basic 3.0

I learned how to use a mouse at Jaycor. That seems so trivial, but at the time, mice were new. There was even a learner application on the Macintosh, that taught you clicking, dragging, and double clicking.
Macintosh, PC Setup and Upgrading

Research Computer Services
I did a variety of office jobs at this company. My duties ranged from binding documents to complex data entry tasks.
Document Binding Machines, Keyboarding