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Fantasy Adventure in a Land of Conquest.
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One man, me, is responsible for There are a few people who help from time to time, but largely one person is responsible. The first piece of software I developed professionally was a chemical weapons attack simulator for the United States Air Force. I have been playing war games since the seventies. I have been building war games since the eighties. The games you'll find on this site are all war games.

The site relies on Google ads to generate revenue. No popups, popunders, new windows, or new tabs. No sound ads. Just war. The games reset on a regular basis. Legions of Tercia (LoT) is a my flagship game, but I hope all the games will grow. I play the games. The games are my favorites because if I want a new feature, I get a new feature. Well, I have votes and majority decides typically if I'm adding a new feature.

The games are built using PERL and mySQL. There is a little javascript in a few places, but typically the games aren't javascript intensive. There are options in LoT to "assist" cell phone users. The LoT interface is highly configurable. The other games aren't as advanced, but each of the other games have far less random factor than LoT, so they tend to be more strategy intensive.

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