Juxta, Magi
By Geoffrey C Porter

Epic Fantasy An epic tale set in a rich fantasy world. Embark on a journey with Juxta and his companions as they fight against a great and malicious evil. Juxta is the child of a dire prophecy. Is Juxta the doombringer? Will the prophecy be fulfilled, or can Juxta break the stranglehold of fate?

Luther, Magi
By Geoffrey C Porter

Epic Fantasy Luther is tied into the old gods, just as his father before him. He lives in his father Juxta's shadow, his own accomplishments ignored and unnoticed. To make his mark on the land, he must break free from the bonds, but how can he with Juxta lurking over him?

Codename: Bear
By Geoffrey C Porter

Codename Bear Secret Agent Razdorans want to claim Earth as their property, and under interstellar law, they can, if our governments fall into a state of anarchy. They are using Centurian to fuel drug trades, assassinations, and human trafficking all across our world. If they can claim us as a territory, our youth will be shipped to factory planets, and mineral resources will be strip mined from our planet layer by layer.

The Chor'Tan are aliens friendly to mankind. They are close to us genetically. Their race is limited by the males of the species. A male Chor'Tan is no more intelligent than an Earth crocodile or alligator, and they want to cross breed with humanity to create a species with smart males.

An anti-crime agency is set up to fight Centurian's forces, and they recruit a young man they codename Bear. He works with a team of other agents, going on missions trying to put an end to Centurian's reign of terror.

Codename: Bear II
By Geoffrey C Porter

Codename Bear Secret Agent Bear is reactivated. Centurian pushes harder than ever to destabilize the world's governments. The action is non-stop as Bear re-recruits old teammates and finds new allies.

Chor'Tan claim Bear is their chosen one, but he isn't playing that game any more. He seeks out human beings to focus his love on.

Every time it seems like the Razdorans and Centurian can't sink any lower, they shatter old records.

R.A.E.C.E. Genesis
By Geoffrey C Porter

Military Sci-Fi Military science fiction at it's very finest. The story consists of three interwoven plot streams: one a foot soldier on the front lines, a starship captain, and a historical timeline. Hard Sci-Fi.

The Wither Chronicles
By Geoffrey C Porter

Urban Fantasy The prequel to the "W" series. Set in 600 AD in a world ruled by the bible where everybody is trying to eek out a basic existence as farmers.

Will Evelyn survive and learn magic? Will Derek learn to control his impulses? Will they fall in love? Will they secure a future that is better than living off the scraps of the land?

Winter's Line
By Geoffrey C Porter

Urban Fantasy A tale of love, comedy, and revenge set in early Renaissance Europe, before the discovery of America. When muskets are just beginning to spread across the land, and society is on the brink of discovering true science and art.

Eriq Winter learns at a young age that he is an uncommon magic user. His father is murdered by the forces of Goblinque, a dark entity of nature. Eriq studies the art of war with the help of a mentor, Jericho. Eriq quests for love, but will he find it? Can he become strong enough to avenge his father? Will Jericho teach him anything besides how to drink whiskey and lose at chess?

The Witch
By Geoffrey C Porter

Urban Fantasy A modern day love story set in America with one minor exception: magic users abound. Warlocks have fortified schools hidden throughout the land. The forces of darkness have sanctuaries and allies too.

Ashley is almost eaten by werewolves, but Eriq Winter saves her. He tests her for magic abilities, and they find out she's a witch. Warlocks hope to hide her, but Ashley won't be kept caged. Will she be able to quiet her powers and disappear back into a quasi-normal existence? Can the forces of darkness catch her? Will Goblinque leave his mountain-castle bent on her destruction?

Bullets Will Work
By Geoffrey C Porter

Vampires Horror Comedy A story of love lost--a man who loves the memory of his dead wife more than life itself. He's sucked into a job slaying vampires with no hope of winning. Will he learn to love again? Can he keep his sanity in a crazy world? Will he stumble upon a glimmer of hope that there might someday be victory?

Zombie Flick
By Geoffrey C Porter

Zombies Horror Comedy Zombies are everywhere. Porter Wright is just another man trying to stay un-undead (alive) in these dark and trying times. Not only is the prospect of becoming a member of the mealy mouthed horde as unappetizing as human flesh, but with a world in chaos, he must take up arms to fend off the tides. Get ready to dive into this action packed, knee slapper of a zombie story. The content of this book may be inappropriate for people who are allergic to brains and might cause spontaneous combustion. You have been warned.

Evelyn's Book
By Geoffrey C Porter

Urban Fantasy Evelyn's Book represents an alternate beginning to the "W" series. This is the tale of a young woman who must learn to control her powers, and fight for the people dear to her.

Anthology Cover Artwork by Susan Urbanek Linville

The anthology contains all Untied Shoelaces of the Mind stories (Issues #1-#5 + The Sample Issue) as well as SEVEN Bonus stories not available on our website.

  • Five Days Left, by O'Neil De Noux, Romance
  • My Dark Places, by Nicomedes Austin Suarez, Action
  • Nanoflakes, by James S Dorr, Sci-Fi
  • Codename: Borg, by Geoffrey C Porter, Sci-Fi
  • Not Rats, by Scott W Baker, Horror
  • The Inheritence, by Jeffrey B Burton, Horror
  • Guidelines for Selecting a Dashboard Totem, by Patrick Scalisi, Humor
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